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About Us

Every generation needs an unequivocal source of truth: something that shows the people of its time, leaving little room for doubt, what they look like. The Republic, first and foremost, is us: the people of this time. And then, it is a bimonthly magazine of socio-economic and political commentary, criticism and cultural discourse, that explores the world as Nigerian. Behind the magazine is the belief that writing can connect, empower and humanize communities, and a society of people who consider urgent the need for a Nigeria more critical of itself.

Our mission is simple: to create knowledge.

Our ideal readers are the restless and inquisitive, together with whom The Republic seeks to restore the importance of serious readership in Nigeria, and the dignity in studying Nigeria and its place in the wider world. To this end, we strive to press forward on the most critical of issues; to provide an abundance of ideas and knowledge; and to appeal to a general audience without compromising on academic rigour—in short, to be serious without pretension or alienation. We intend to be sharp, stylish and current; an ever-growing, intelligent companion; a reliable witness to the changing times



Wale Lawal
BSc (Hons), The University of Bath;
MSc, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Exec. Editor (Emerita)

Tukeni Obasi
BA (Hons), McGill University; JD, Columbia University School of Law;
MPA, Harvard University, The John F. Kennedy School of Government

Associate Editor

Husseina Ahmed
BA (Hons), Carleton University;
MSc, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Community Manager

Cobi-Jane Akinrele
BSc, University of Cambridge

Content Manager

Moni Owoade
BSc, Princeton University


Ameze Belo-Osagie
BA, Yale University

Faridah Dikko
BSc, The University of Bath

Aisha Modibo
BSc, Queen Mary Univeristy of London;
MA, University of Sussex

Christopher Olaolu Ogunmodede
BA, The University of Kent, Canterbury;
MSc, The University of Warwick

Dafe Oputu
BA, McGill University;
MA, John Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies

Web & Print Coordinator

Patrick Mayaki
HBA, The University of Toronto 

Contributors—Vol. 1, No. 1

Saratu Abiola, ‘Pemi Aguda, Tolu Ajiboye, Aisha Mukhtar Dodo, Louisa Egbunike, C. S. Lozie, Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed, Irene Chidinma Nwoye,
Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi