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The Republic ​explores a wide range of topics immediately relevant to Nigerian and African affairs. We strive to be a rich source of ideas and knowledge for our readers, and to appeal to a general audience without compromising on academic rigour.

Currently, The Republic is particularly interested in covering the following topics:

Focus Area
Feb/Mar Youth and Political Participation 24 Dec 2017
Apr/May Religion and the State 25 Feb 2018
Jun/Jul Geopolitics and Climate Change 29 Apr 2018
Aug/Sep The Rise and Fall of GDP; The Evolution of the International Monetary System; What is Cryptocurrency? 03 Jun 2018
Oct/Nov Nigeria-UK Relations; Independence; Decolonization and Dependency; Neo-colonialism 05 Aug 2018
Dec/Jan The African Union; Pan-Africanism; the Legacy of Kwame Nkrumah

07 Oct 2018

General Guidelines

We are always seeking essays personal and non-personal that may not themselves be about Nigeria but explore issues relevant to Nigeria and the wider African continent.

Please send all essays as MS Word attachments to

We are also interested in original thoughts on art, culture, politics and the economy, which may be presented as reviews of books, new technology and works of art.

Please send all criticism as MS-Word attachments to

We accept short stories (7,500 words max) and novellas (30,000 words max). We do not, however, accept unsolicited novel manuscripts.

Please send all fiction as MS Word attachments to

We ask that submissions be written mainly in English but encourage the submission of fictional works written (partly or entirely – think Sozaboy by Ken Saro-Wiwa) in Pidgin English. We will only consider previously unpublished works (this applies to works published on personal blogs and websites). Please submit no more than three stories, three essays or three works of criticism at a time.

Please send all submissions as MS Word attachments with the category of the manuscript in the subject line (e.g. ESSAY). We accept submissions on a rolling basis